Website Re-Launch!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry its taken soo long, but the website is back again. We have had some major issues with partner developers with the past website, but all that is gone now and we are completely self dependent again.

The new server is hosted in Auckland, New Zealand so this means that oceanic players will get the best pings. This is a long term solution to expensive hosting requirements needed to keep up with the demands of Minecraft Servers. This now means that the cost of hosting the server is alot less, and any donations received make more permanent upgrades to the servers performance. As for the server itself, Its not complete and it does need some upgrades in the future if we are going to grow and surpass the size the last server was.

The current servers stats are as follows;

  • 3.2Ghz Hex Core(6 cores) AMD Phenom II 1100T
  • 10GB System Ram(1333mhz, 4gb, 4gb, 2gb)
  • 128GB SSD(6GB/s)
  • 20MB Downlink / 1MB Uplink(ADSL)

As for now, the only upgrades on their way is a VDSL connection, to replace the ADSL connection currently supplied. This should be about 15 working days away, and should coinside with the launch of the server to the public. Expected speeds for VDSL should be between 25-70MB Downlink and 2-10MB Uplink. In future more ram will be installed as personal finances and donations allow.

If you wish to make a donation of your time or money. Please get in contact with us via the contact form on the website. All donations are treated the same, and are rewarded with game-play related benefits.